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Staying safe and healthy is the only priority during the ongoing COVID-19 second wave. The fear and

stress among the people are rising every day. From checking Oxygen on the regular basis to taking extra medications citizens are putting in all efforts to keep themselves away from COVID. Even so, some are not being able to protect them. No matter how many safety measures you take, knowledge of COVID symptoms is a must. Many have a misconception about it and, also puzzled to understand the exact signs. So, from mild to severe here are some symptoms that can result in a positive report. 
First of all, it’s important to know that this time things are not the same. Not all are getting fever and cough as the symptoms. Some are not having any symptoms still their reports are positive while few noticing symptoms are being tested negative. Thus, to acknowledge you better we have lined up a checklist of symptoms from mild to severe. Also, do not ignore any symptoms because it’s better to take precautions on time. 
Mild Symptoms
·         Fever
·         Dry Cough
These two are the most common symptoms also, very difficult to know whether it’s COVID or normal viral.
Strange Symptoms
·         Body Pain
·         Sore throat
·         Diarrhoea
·         Conjunctivitis
·         Headache
·         Loss of taste or smell
This time people are also complaining of these strange symptoms and are being tested positive. So, it’s not justifiable to be unnoticed by them.
Alarming Symptoms
·         Difficulty in breathing
·         Chest Pain
These are the two most serious symptoms that are alarming. They need immediate medical attention and cannot rely on home Quarantine. People with these symptoms must get admitted to the hospital on time for emergency medication and injections.
Besides this, as per the doctor's statement, many people are also facing weakness and dizziness as the initial symptoms.

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