2021-03-12 10:15:57

Mamata Banerjee, the chief minister of West Bengal, said she was attacked in Nandigram, where she had gone to register her nomi

nation for the upcoming elections. Security guards raised and put a visibly shaken Mamata into the backseat of a vehicle, according to a video from the scene.

To gain sympathy, this is hypocrisy;  Mamata planned this 'nautanki' before the polls because she sensed difficulties in Nandigram, Chowdhury told on Wednesday, hours after the alleged assault. This means that Mamata Banerjee's situation is deteriorating, and she is resorting to theatrics, according to Chowdhury, who added, "She is attempting to play with people's emotions."

Anand Sharma, a senior Congressman, had a different view on the matter. He expressed concern about Mamata's "assault," saying that hate and abuse were intolerable in a democracy.

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