2021-05-28 00:00:00

According to a joint statement by the WHO, UNICEF, GAVI, and CEPI, the “terrible” rise of coronavirus cases in Indi

a have seriously hampered COVAX's vaccine supply in the second quarter of this year, resulting in a shortage of 190 million doses by the end of June. Dr. Richard Hatchett, CEO of the CEPI, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Dr. Seth Berkley, CEO of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, and UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore issued a joint statement on Thursday.

COVID-19 cases are dropping, hospitalizations are decreasing, and early signs of normalcy are returning in countries that have progressed their vaccination efforts. The worldwide picture, on the other hand, is significantly more concerning,” the statement said. COVAX will be equipped to provide 2 billion doses by 2021, according to a call to action. "We are observing the destructive impact of the horrific COVID-19 outbreak in South Asia, a surge that has also badly disrupted global vaccination supply," the statement noted.

COVAX has also demonstrated its effectiveness as a global mechanism for improving accessibility to COVID-19 vaccines, having received over 70 million doses to 126 countries and economies across the world since February, from remote islands to conflict zones, overseeing the world's largest and most complicated vaccine rollout. COVAX helped over 35 countries get their first doses of COVID-19 vaccination.

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