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Not all people need to get hospitalized to get the COVID-19 treatment. 80% of the positive patients

are home Quarantined and also recovering. Home treatment is easy for the ones who stay alone or do not have many family members around. However, it's a little complicated for the people staying around many. Therefore it’s important for the person taking care of a COVID patient to follow some strict guidelines. Otherwise, there are high chances of the Caregiver grabbing the infection too.
· Firstly if there is no bedroom and bathroom to use alone then, home Quarantine is not an option.
·  Only a healthy person without any medical condition should take the responsibility of taking care of the COVID patient.
·  Always wear a mask while giving food to COVID positive, and with at least 2 meters of distance. The infected person should also keep the mask on.
·  Keep washing hands after every contact with the patient also, before and after eating food.
·  Separate cups, dishes, utensils, towels, and bed linen needs to be kept for COVID patients. Moreover, all these items should be washed singly using soap and water.
·  Keep spraying the disinfectant spray to kill the bacteria and germs that might reside in the house.
·   It’s advisable that a person who is a caregiver should avoid going out and meeting anyone.
·  Have the details of the infected person’s doctor in hand. You never know when you'll require their assistance in an emergency.
·   Make sure that the infected person takes a proper nutritional diet and drinks lots of water.
·  Try to order the necessary items at home. Do not go out frequently to buy medicines or groceries.
·  To stay on a safer side, eat Vitamin C, D, and Zinc medicines every day till you are taking care of the infected person.

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